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Singapore mobile price

Samsung celebrated their 10 year anniversary just last February. Huawei and Samsung are two of the most popular brands in Singapore right now. With the recent release of the iPhone XS Max, Apple looks to cement its position as the best smartphone manufacturer at this day and age. Although the smartphone industry is getting competitive, Samsung still remains firmly at the top.

This Korean tech giant constantly raises the bar for mobile devices to new heights with its newest flagships. If you are a big fan of the new Samsung Note10, then this smartphone brand is for you.

Here are some reasons why Samsung phones are top-notch devices to own:. When it comes to display screen, no other brand can compare to Samsung mobile. The brand is best known as the first to introduce OLED displays on its smartphones. Over the years, the technology has gradually evolved, hence the latest Samsung smartphones now have Super AMOLED displays that offer accurate colour reproduction, vivid colours, and the darkest blacks. Even its strongest rivals in the industry are unable to match in terms of producing the best display screens.

Another reason why Samsung has managed to gain market share over the years is that it targets a wide array of demographics and across all price ranges.

It not only provides premium flagship smartphones; its presence is also seen in mid- and low-budget categories. Whether you want a smartphone that offers superior camera quality or a rugged mobile that can withstand accidental drops, resist dust and water, Samsung has a phone for you.

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Samsung phones have a flurry of features and apps that make life more convenient for its users. In fact, many of the latest features seen on smartphones today were pioneered by Samsung. It's an all-encompassing mobile assistant that combines machine learning, voice assistance, and visual help in the latest Samsung flagships. Another impressive app the brand offers is the e-payment app, Samsung Pay.

This app turns your mobile into a wallet so you can go cashless whenever you shop! As smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives, it is essential that all information stored on them is safe and secure. Hence, the brand always strives to introduce enhanced security measures on its devices to ensure your personal information is not compromised in any way.Smartphones are no longer a luxury; they are indispensable devices that work as a medium of information and entertainment.

Below is a guide that will help you get the best mobile phone in Singapore for your needs and budget. Smartphone photography may have expanded rapidly over the recent years, however, it can still be tough to get the right mobile device with an impressive front snapper, as there's a wide array of choices. To narrow down your options, here are the 5 best phones for taking selfies!

And right off the bat, both smartphones look extremely awesome. While the smartphone will not be shipped out until November 3, there are already a variety of iPhone X cases that are already available in the market. Hence, you should get started early on picking the perfect case that will protect the device while being able to support its wireless charging capability.

Smartphones and tablets are important possessions that keep you updated on social media and emails. They allow you to capture photos, watch videos, play games, and much more. With the ability to do these things, your phone can become one of your most important possessions. If you want a handset that is easy to use and receives the latest apps and updates, then go for an iPhone. On the other hand, if you want better processing power and a range of affordable options, then opt for an Android phone.

If you are short on budget, there are great Android phones below SGD Some brands even offer solid flagships for less than SGD Check out our price list below for the best budget smartphones in Singapore. If you want a one-hand-friendly phone, go for a phone with a 5. Otherwise, get a handset with a bigger screen size so you can watch your favourite movies, play mobile games, or multitask with the split-screen mode.

Also, smartphone companies these days are focusing on ways to manufacture large-display phones that you can hold in one hand with ease, like the 5. A 4K resolution display on smartphones definitely entices many buyers. This is because you will be using your phone outdoors and the screen should be bright enough so you can see it clearly.

The panel of the display is another essential aspect. Aside from battery life, the camera is another essential smartphone feature. This is because the number of megapixels only provides details to an image when you zoom in on the image.For any other inquiries, Click here.

Mobile phones have come a long way since their first development during the late s. The first patent for the cell phone was filed by a Finnish inventor.

This phone was foldable and had a thin carbon microphone. As scientists started understanding the need for remote communication, different brands started investing money in creating newer models of phones. You can do almost anything without stepping out of your house if you just have a phone with you.

Your mobile phone right now comes with such high-end features and capabilities. Did you know that a lot of people even do most of their official work on their phones? Smart models of phones connect to the internet and act as a platform for entertainment, work, and world wide connectivity.

Apple is an example of a successful cell phone manufacturer that has fully appreciated the need for responsive communication devices and is coming up with cell phones that are in high demand.

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There are many other brands like this offering best smartphones. These phones are all very affordable too and are easy to buy and use. Paying bills, calling up friends and relatives, checking emails, asking for donations, talking about how you feel to the world are all super easy when you have a smartphone in hand.

singapore mobile price

A good phone from a reputed brand like Samsung is lightweight and ergonomically designed. This means you can use it for hours together without worrying about your fingers or your wrist paining. Such brands also create so many models based on your budget range. Huawei phones are consider ed super affordable and offer full value to your money. You should check their products out. Some of the common features these phones offer are fingerprint sensors, face detection and unlocking facility, touch screens, great quality cameras and fitness monitoring sensors.

If you want to browse through the top-selling mobile phones in Singaporeall you have to do is find them listed on Lazada. Our website stocks up products from all top phone brands. You can order the brand and the model you like with a click of a button. Our site is very user-friendly too. Did you know that we offer island wide delivery for all your orders? Shipping is our responsibility. You can ask for returns and exchanges of products in case you find them defective in some way.

We offer fuss-free return requests very quickly. Track my order. Mobiles items found in Smartphones. Apple iPhone Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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Xiaomi Redmi Note 9S. Apple iPhone 11 Pro.Apple Airpods 2 With Charging Case. Samsung Galaxy Fold. Nokia 3. Apple Airpods Pro. Energea Compac Wireless PD mah. Uniq Galaxy Note 10 Lino Case. SoundPeats TrueMini.

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Spigen Samsung S20 Tough Armor. ComPac Mini Mah. Available in Black Energea 1 year Singapore Warranty. Plantronics-Mobile Communications.

singapore mobile price

Voyager legend with Charging Case. Available in Black and White Plantronics Singapore 2 year warranty. Red White Mobile offers the cheapest no contract phones and accessories island-wide.

Operating on a bulk order business model allows us to leverage close working relationships with mobile phone distributors to provide you with the cheapest and most attractive smartphone sets without a contract in Singapore. To offer competitive prices on the market, we update our prices daily for our customers.

All our products and services - no contract phones, accessories and cheap mobile phone repair - listed on our website for customers in Singapore deal strictly in cash and corresponding electronic payment charges will apply.

We aim to provide the latest yet cheapest on the market smartphone sets for customers looking to buy a phone online without a contract.

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All major credit cards as well as NETs are accepted at our store. We fully understand that mobile phones are becoming increasingly expensive to purchase and own.

Therefore, we provide alternative instalment plans for UOB credit card holders with months of repayment.

singapore mobile price

Buying a new phone today does not come at a low cost. With newer phones coming out every so often, trading in your old smartphone can be a great way to earn some money back that you can potentially put towards your new smartphone. Not only is selling your old smartphone online environmentally sustainable, it gives you additional value when you trade them in for a new one.Samsung Mobile Prices in Singapore.

Singapore is one of the significant mobile markets for Samsung Mobiles. The people of Singapore love Samsung Mobiles due to its wide range features, such as build quality, display, camera, price range, and availability. Samsung is a multi-national mobile manufacturer.

It aims to deliver its good quality smartphones around the world. Samsung brings their innovative smartphones to Singapore where the people are satisfied with Samsung devices, based on the Android operating system. Higher Mobile Prices in Singapore are a common issue for people love premium mobiles, but Samsung Mobile Prices in Singapore is a fundamental reason for natives to prefer Samsung smartphones.

There is a variety of Samsung smartphones from high-end Galaxy Note-series to low-end Galaxy J-series. Samsung Galaxy Note 9: It is the most popular in addition to the flagship smartphone of the Samsung Mobiles in Singapore. It is IP68 certified and gives dust and water resistance up to 1.

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The Smartphone has a Bluetooth-enabled Stylus-Pen, 6. It has Iris Scanner and Fingerprint Scanner as biometric security options. Samsung Galaxy J6: It comes with 5. It runs Android 8. The Handset packs Exynos chipset, Octa-core 1.

There is a mAh battery inside which gives 21 hours 3G talk time and 76 hours music play time.

singapore mobile price

A rear-mounted Fingerprint Scanner is available for a faster unlock and as a security tool. It is offered with 5. Samsung Galaxy J8: It is the best smartphone in its J-series lineup. The Galaxy J8 sports 6. Samsung Galaxy A6 Plus: It is a mid-range smartphone which comes with 6.

Samsung Galaxy A6 : It has 5. It is IP68 rated and has a 6. Samsung Galaxy S9: It is also very famous in Singapore.

Mobile Phones: Best prices in Singapore (132 Items found)

The Smartphone brings a 5. Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro: It comes with 5. Samsung Galaxy J4: It is the popular as well as the very affordable Samsung smartphone which offers 5. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: It is the predecessor of the high-end Note 9. The Note 8 comes with an S-Pen, 6. Samsung Galaxy A8 Star: It is a mid-range phone having some flagship-level features. The device sports 6. The budget-friendly device has a 5. Samsung M10 sports a 6.

Powered by Exynos chipset, the Smartphone has Octa-core 1. It houses a mAh battery. You can choose your favorite color either Ocean Blue or Charcoal Black. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy M20 comes with a 6. It has a mAh battery and back fingerprint sensor.People use all sorts of electronics to stay connected to the world. Mobile cell phones in particular, stand as a centerpiece in an era which relies on the necessity of fast and reliable communication.

Although they are specifically designed for that purpose, most mobile phone manufacturers are now developing smartphones that also give prominence to other features, like high-quality cameras, diverse wireless connectivity capabilities, powerhouse processors, and other features for your entertainment needs. Among the mobile phone tech giants, Sony excels in marketing smartphones that go with solid high-performance cameras.

Emerging HTC smartphones on the other hand focus on providing attractive and innovative features. Discover which smartphone will be your next great purchase by browsing PricePanda.

Here at PricePanda, we gather top online deals on mobile phones from reputable electronic stores, so that you can easily purchase handphones for the best price. Take the advantage of using our shopper-friendly filtering options in looking for the mobile phone that suits your budget and needs.

To get the most out our your mobile phones, check our lists on powerbanks, selfie sticks, and other mobile phone accessories that will definitely enhance your user experience. Bookmark PricePanda and visit us regularly to get the latest smartphone deals and offers online! Mobile Phones: Best prices in Singapore Items found. Android 82 iOS 8. Sort by No. Nokia 7. Shop for the latest smartphones with PricePanda Here at PricePanda, we gather top online deals on mobile phones from reputable electronic stores, so that you can easily purchase handphones for the best price.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Shop Certified Pre-Owned.

Samsung Galaxy Fold A device unlike any before. Apple iPad. Philips Hue Play. My Account Log-in. Search: Search. Our retail store will be closed from 07Apr to 04May as a public safety measure. Online shopping will stay open and you can reach us through Contact Us or our Facebook Page. Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G.

Xiaomi Mi Note Dream Big, Shoot Epic. Huawei Mate 30 Mate 30 Pro. Co-engineered with Leica. The Google phone. Buy now. Apple iPhone 11 Pro. Take a closer look. Dream Big.

Shoot Epic. Shop Now. Rethink Possibilities. Google Pixel 4.

Smartphones Price List in Singapore for April, 2020

Studio-like photos. Without the studio. Apple iPhone Just the right amount of everything. Too expensive? Think Again.

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